Theater Class

The Initiative

Our Belief

A comprehensive arts education empowers each student to create, think critically, collaborate, and communicate, enabling them to become informed, global citizens.

We believe that arts education:

  • Promotes personal life skills and habits of mind
  • Enhances cultural literacy
  • Fosters learning across all content areas
  • Builds creativity and innovation
  • Promotes lifelong engagement and commitment to the arts

Our Vision

All students in San Diego County receive a sequential, meaningful standards-based arts education that is rooted in all forms of the visual and performing arts.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Arts Empower San Diego is to bring together the San Diego community for a common collaborative effort to ensure that every child in San Diego County receives a quality arts education. The goals of the initiative are to support districts in:

  • Building leadership around arts education
  • Providing professional development for administrators
  • Establishing a system of assessment and evaluation for arts programs
  • Building meaningful partnerships between districts and community art stakeholders
  • Promoting advocacy to strengthen arts education and community