Young Audiences

Assessment/ Research

Arts Empower Current Research:

Arts Empower has funded the following research pieces:

  1. Arts Empower Summary: A Survey of Schools and Arts Organizations
  2. Student Arts Education Enrollment by District
  3. ArtsEmpower Impact Report

Arts Empower Goals for Assessment:

Districts will measure the yearly progress of and the implementation of the four arts disciplines, K-12, through the use of program quality indicators. Indicators might measure:

  • Program effectiveness based on California visual and performing arts (VAPA) content standards
  • Student progress based on district VAPA assessments

Through Arts Empower San Diego, the San Diego County Office of Education will support districts by:

  1. Providing a support system for the evaluation of a program’s effectiveness on a regular basis.
  2. Collaborating with The California Arts Project (TCAP) and Arts Education Resource Organization San Diego (AERO) in providing the support system.