Young Audiences



Districts will commit to communicating the student achievement and sequential implementation goals of their strategic plan to all stakeholders. They will inform the community regarding the benefits of arts education. Avenues for communication might include:

  • Site and district arts plan
  • Significant student data connections (use recent research)
  • California state standards (including Common Core)
  • Partnerships
  • Student stories
  • Via website/social media/technology
  • Updates to board, administration, teachers, partners, and students through district arts events and showcases

Through Arts Empower San Diego, the San Diego County Office of Education will support districts by:

  1. Publishing a document defining the plan.
  2. Creating a website/videos/social media (telling stories of student success, best practices/models and data).
  3. Creating a public relations plan.
  4. Approaching media partners. Hosting a rollout to stakeholder groups:
    • Boards and superintendents
    • Governmental entities
    • AERO
    • Funders
    • Parents & community & students


Arts Empower San Diego Brochure